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Vacationing with young children


Summer season is vacation season for everyone. Almost everyone has their travel plans in place for this time of the year. There is excitement in the air about the travel plans. Travelling with young children and toddlers may bog down the parents at times. Here is quick guide to ease out the stress levels and make travelling fun and enjoyable.


  • Ensure that you carry a First aid box. Make sure the medicines in the First aid box have not lapsed their expiry dates. Carry medications for motion sickness. Antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer are handbag essentials.
  • Do not over carry. This may seem a difficult considering you do not want fall short of anything on a trip. Prioritise your packing. It’s a fine line between being a minimalist and being prepared for emergencies.
  • A doctor visit before long journeys is a good idea. However do not travel immediately after vaccinations.
  • Do not cram in too much of site seeing. Do child friendly activities like going to a zoo or a park so that children have their fun times too. They are on vacation too after all. Try doing two adult activities and then do one kid specific activity like a park or a toy store. The important thing is to make everything sound exciting.
  • Plan ahead at all times.
  • Avoid messing up with your child’s schedule all the time, especially their sleep/nap times and their meal times. A well rest child will enjoy the vacation and will be less tantrum prone.
  • Avoid changing to many hotels when you are vacationing with children.
    Be prepared for the climate. Online weather forecasts are a great help.
  • Ensure that your child is well hydrated at all times.
    Snacking on fresh fruits, individual yogurt packs, tender coconut water are better options than snacking on biscuits, chips and chocolates.
  • Ensure you are at the departure point well ahead of time (in case you are taking the public transport).


Think as a child would while planning a holiday with your children, take a walk down memory lane to recall your happy vacations. Create magic with your child and enjoy your summer vacations.