• Coz Little Things Matter Most

Time for Summer Fun.

Summer is here and so are the fun times. School is almost finishing and it will be vacation time soon. It is that time of the year when children go crazy with abandon.


Here is quick guide to ensure your little child enjoys the summer and makes the most of it.


1. Ensure your child wears protective summer cap/hat and goggles while venturing outdoors. It is not possible to bind a child indoors all the time. A mild sunscreen could be used to avoid the harsh sun.

2. Avoid soft drinks/aerated drinks. Go in for natural juices and shakes instead. Stock in plenty of seasonal fruits and juices. Go in for fresh lime juice,tender coconut water, raw mango juice (panha), buttermilk and curds.

3. Ensure your child gets his/her daily quota of seasonal fruits like watermelon, muskmelon and vegetables like cucumber. These help in keeping your child hydrated at all times.

4. Let your child enjoy outdoors in the early mornings and late evenings.

5. Summer camps and hobby classes will help your child socialise with his/her peers and friends during vacations.

6. Arrange play dates with their school mates at a park or at home.

7. Ensure your child is surrounded by books. Choose age appropriate books for your child.

8. Stock up on play dough, paints and crayons to ensure your child’s creative streak is nurtured.

9. Music is life, so expose your child to age appropriate audio cds. It aids language development and also is a great source of entertainment.

10. Encourage role play games at home.

11. Let your child practice simple skills like tying shoelaces, buttoning/unbuttoning. These activities will not only keep your child engrossed but will also improve their motor skills.

12. Enjoy a dip in the pool. Summer is the best time to enjoy swimming sessions with family and friends.

13. A trek up the hill,a nature walk in the park are refreshing breaks from staying indoors.

14. Summer holidays also provide a great opportunity to listen to stories and get pampered by grandparents and relatives. It is also the time to bond with cousins.

15. Ensure your children are adequately hydrated and are in cool summer clothes at all times.


Summer is here and let us make the most of it.