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Testimonials received on Grandparents’ Day Celebration


“Its a wonderful experience. Very nice to see the approach and it is a great pleasure to participate as Grandparents. Thanks to the school and regards to the teachers”

– A. K. Guha, Shiladitya Londhe’s grandfather


I would like to thank all the teachers of Innocent Times for arranging such a wonderful programme. I will be always be grateful to all of you for giving such a homely atmosphere and affection to my grandson Advait.

-Aarti Deshpande, Advait Shiralkar’s grandmother


Wonderful Experience!! Group activity especially was a nice idea. Enjoyed thoroughly.

-Rekha Apte


The programme was organised really well. The antakshari activity was very good. Keep it up!!!

-Jeiza Dhamdhere’s grandmother Bharati Dhamdhere



Testimonials by parents


We are delighted to see Kaavya’s excitement for her school every morning.

-Pallavi Mhaisekar


We are happy that Innocent Times takes such GREAT care of our daughter!

-Prisha’s parents


My son is really enjoying the school.The school also has safe and nice environment. Even the Summer Camps conducted by the school are also very good as my elder son attended it.

-Anu Bhootra,Shrey Bhootra’s mother


We are really pleased to see the improvement of our child,its really amazing!The way you impart customised learning for students compelled us to get our child again admitted to this school for Jr. K.G……

-Anamika Singh, Prakamya’s mother


Innocent Times is the best. It is the ideal school to learn and have fun.

-Anushree’s parents


Rishi has adjusted to being away from home at an incredible speed-much faster than i expected!This i believe is for a larger part due to the loving care,friendly and always smiling teachers and maushis at Innocent Times.Rishi’s vocabulary has expanded tremendously in the very first two months of Playgroup-which indicates the great visual and verbal stimulation he is being exposed to on a regular basis……

-Shraddha Nigavekar


Innocent Times gave my child the base, which makes him bold, joyful and smart enough to grow as a good human being.

-Aalhad’s parents


We have been associated with you for two years now.Our child is growing up from a baby to a boy and that is a lot of change.We owe much thanks to you, all the teachers and staff for all the training you have provided.You taught him not only alphabets,numbers, rhymes but also good disciplines of life; starting from removing his shoes to singing Jana Gana Mana. The spirit of Innocent Times is very much appreciated and we wish it will grow with time.

-Chintan Udupa’s parents


I shall take this opportunity to laud the teachers and other staff members who take so much effort to take care of our children and give them individual attention. Initially when i thought of daycare I was a bit apprehensive but for my child it has been a wonderful experience to the extent that he tells me that he does not want to stay at home but go to school and then to daycare. Shil has become much more independent, disciplined and loves his friends in daycare. A great job! Keep it up!

-Pallavi Londhe, Shiladitya’s mother


Creativity awesome. Way of welcome makes the children special and homely. Teachers communicate with the parents very politely and with patience. Helping staff of the school too are very concerned about the children and they too are friendly with the children. We are happy to be a part of Innocent Times. Teaching technique of Innocent Times is very good as it gives more importance to practical learning and understand the behaviour, nature and thinking of each child.

-Shreyansh Jain’s parents


Just want to say that the way our child is learning day by day and growing is wonderful and worthful. Thanks to all your efforts and work.

-Gauri and Amol


We would like to thank you by looking at the progress of my son Daksh. Along with English poems, he usually sings Marathi kavita too!! We liked this part of the teaching. Thanks again.

-Daksh’s parents