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Takshashila Gurukul Public School

Every day in a child’s life is a new chapter. School is one of the important institutions where a child goes through these chapters, and gets moulded into a grown and learned individual. A school is instrumental in providing a platform to explore and consequently, learn.

Takshashila Gurukul Public School aims to be the stage for your child, where he can come, observe, practice and perform. A school unlike every other, where he will define his own path to learning. For the first time in the region, Takshashila introduces experiential and activity based learning methods.

For many years, parents have been hearing about the amazing and better benefits of experience or activity based learning methods.

Takshashila School finally offers them in form of eco friendly campus, trained faculty, practical- situations exposure, personal attention to each student and a lot of projects and activities. These methods also ensure that a child’s individual needs are met and he is able to explore his interests, while developing openness and an imaginative mind.

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Takshashila School will be a community for your child where carefully designed classes and peer learning will shape his years to come, a bright future secured through our unique offerings.
At Takshashila Gurukul Public School  we believe –  ‘Learning begins here’.


(Takshashila Gurukul Public School is a venture with Innocent Times Childcare Private Limited and is entirely run and managed by us. With the launch of this school, Innocent Times has spread its wings into primary schooling and education)




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Takshashila Gurukul Public school
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