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Our Preschool adopts a holistic approach and develops academic concepts alongwith creative skills in your child, through fun activities.


If your child is between 1.5 and 2.5 years of age, he/she will simply love being part of our Preschool. Innocent Times teachers have personally designed the concept of the Preschool, right from painting themes on the walls to preparing identity cards.


We fully understand that at this tender age, it is the personal care that matters.

  • Activities and learning designed for 1.5 to 6 years
  • Personal attention
  • A blend of academics and creative skills learning
  • Complete care and support system like home


Our methodology

We use Project Based Method to help the children enjoy the learning process. It is a method not of Teaching the child but Learning by the child. The essence of this method is ‘learning by doing’. Click here to see more of Our Methodology.


Preschool Classes

Our educators

The teachers at Innocent Times are patient, creative and have a deep respect, compassion and understanding of young children. Our enthusiastic teachers help ease the emotional stress faced by the little ones during transition from home to preschool and later on to school. Our teachers are selected for their academic and professional qualifications, teaching skills, expertise, and knowledge of child development, communications skills and experience in teaching. We have in house training programmes and ensure that our teachers attend subject specific workshops to upgrade their skills.


Newsletter and PTAs

Our teachers stay connected with the parents through our Monthly Newsletters and through regular Parent Teacher meetings. Parents can also meet the class teachers between meetings after taking prior appointment. Our school diary serves as a Communication Book between the parents and the teachers on a daily basis.


Admission Formalities

Admission formalities are mentioned below:

  • Admission form to be completely filled
  • Copy of the birth certificate to be submitted
  • Three photographs of the child to be submitted
  • One photogragh of parents
  • ID cards to be completely filled
  • Fees to be paid before the due date



Transport service is available for Preschool students. We have outsourced the transport service to an external agency which is reliable and safe. Kindly contact 9767788797 for any transport queries.


Event and holiday list

As a part of our curriculum we have a host of activities throughout the year to make the learning process joyful and interactive. We also enthusiastically celebrate all festivals. Please refer to the school diary for the Events coming up.

Check the photographs here:

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