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At Innocent Times, we try to replicate your home atmosphere for your child.

In our Daycare, there is 1 attendant to look after 5 children, an internationally accepted carer: child ratio. So your children do not feel neglected or left out and feel cared for. Hygiene is an obsession with us that extends to each and every person at Innocent Times, from the attendants to the maids.

In our world, your children are the center of attention and their well being our sole agenda.

  • Internationally accepted 1:5 carer-child ratio
  • Experienced management
  • Professionally planned menu
  • Special drop offs: Your child can walk in any day on an hourly charge (except Sundays) to avail the daycare service with a membership of six months to one year.


Our standards

  • Innocent Times is housed in a spacious 6500 sq. ft. two-level bungalow with a big garden.
  • It is designed to be child friendly, child safe and a child proof place. Emergency aid is in place.
  • A strict environmental sanitation program; that is routine cleaning of toys and disinfecting of kitchen and bathroom surfaces is routine.
  • Fully experienced personnel with expertise in child care are selected for their genuine love of children. As you can see, at Innocent Times, we look after your children as if they were our very own.


Our environment

Our environment is absolutely child friendly and child safe. We discipline the children only with lots of love and care.
Our staff is trained to handle children right from infants to toddler age. Regular inhouse workshops and trainings are conducted to train the caretakers regarding handling and taking care of children, feeding habits, interaction with children and personal hygiene. The activities are continuously monitored through CCTV.
Innocent Times works as a big family where every individual right from our caretakers are considered as the most important part of the organization. We do not engage in child labour.


Enrollment Options

  • Monthly – You can enroll your child by paying a monthly charge.
  • Daily Basis – This option works great for homemakers too. You need not be a working mother. Drop in your child at Innocent Times and have a relaxing day with your friends or at a spa. We charge you only for the day that your child comes to the daycare. And whats more – your child can have nutritious meals with us even with a daily basis option.


Meal Options

The food your children will eat is planned by a professional nutritionist; so rest assured your children will be getting their daily requirement of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients.



Daycare is open from 7am to 8pm Monday through Friday.
Daycare service is available on Saturdays and Sundays at an extra charge.


Age Group

We cater to children from 5 months of age. There is no upper age limit.


Admission Formalities

The following formalities must be completed before the child starts coming to the daycare

  • Admission form to be filled in completely
  • Child record form giving the details of the child
  • Copy of the birth certificate to be submitted
  • Three photographs of the child to be submitted
  • one photogragh of parents
  • ID cards to be completely filled
  • Fees to be paid before the due date



Transport service is available for daycare. We have outsourced the transport service to an external agency. Kindly contact 9767788797 for any transport queries.


Coming Soon!

Innocent Times has great news for parents who have children but do not know where to leave them when they have to attend a party on weekends or go out for dinner with friends. We are starting with an evening care service till 11pm on all days.

Kindly book your slots in advance. Contact 9767788797 for any queries. Count on us! We are here to take care of your children and give them their best time while you are away. Evening care coming up for New Years! Book your slots now!

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