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Admission formalities and requirements are listed below:



  • Admission form to be completely filled
  • Copy of the birth certificate to be submitted
  • three photographs of the child to be submitted
  • one photogragh of parents
  • ID cards to be completely filled
  • Fees to be paid before the due date




  • Admission form to be filled in completely
  • Child record form giving the details of the child
  • Three photographs of the child to be submitted (one for admission form and two for ID cards)
  • Copy of the birth certificate of the child
  • Two ID cards will be issued. One to be sent in the bag along with the child and the other to be shown by the parent at the time of pick up.
  • Medical emergency statement to signed by the parents
  • Child Medication log to be submitted if any medicines to be administered to the child
  • One diary will be issued for each child. The details of the child should be completely filled in with a photograph pasted.
  • A copy of the immunisation schedule